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Sole Serif is a newspaper face with features relating to book typography. Inspiration from Francesco Griffo’s romans was adapted to resist the rough usage typical of newspaper printing without any loss of quality. Sole Serif is available in an extensive range of cuts including extra bold and ultra thin. With its big x-height, short ascenders and a roundish and wide italic for text and titles, it has all the attributes of a newspaper face. Nonetheless, details like the inclined axis, calligraphic terminations, Renaissance proportions and a refined but slightly mannered design, all evoke the book rather than the daily paper.
In 2018 the Guardian Media Group opted for the Italian type designers at CAST to revamp The Observer, the oldest Sunday paper in the world.

Designed by Luciano Perondi

Production years: 2010-2016

Total Glyphs: 377

Supported Languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Zulu


  • Text Light
  • Text Light Italic
  • Text Regular
  • Text Regular Italic
  • Text Medium
  • Text Medium Italic
  • Text Bold
  • Text Bold Italic
  • Text Black
  • Text Black Italic
  • Display Light
  • Display Light Italic
  • Display Regular
  • Display Regular Italic
  • Display Medium
  • Display Medium Italic
  • Display Bold
  • Display Bold Italic
  • Display ExtraBold
  • Display ExtraBold Italic
  • Display Black
  • Display Black Italic
  • Hairline
  • Hairline Italic
  • Caption Light
  • Caption Light Italic
  • Caption Regular
  • Caption Regular Italic
  • Caption Medium
  • Caption Medium Italic
  • Caption Bold
  • Caption Bold Italic
  • Caption Black
  • Caption Black Italic
  • BigDisplay Light
  • BigDisplay Light Italic
  • BigDisplay Regular
  • BigDisplay Regular Italic
  • BigDisplay Medium
  • BigDisplay Medium Italic
  • BigDisplay Bold
  • BigDisplay Bold Italic
  • BigDisplay ExtraBold
  • BigDisplay ExtraBold Italic
  • BigDisplay Black
  • BigDisplay Black Italic
  • Subhead Light
  • Subhead Light Italic
  • Subhead Regular
  • Subhead Regular Italic
  • Subhead Medium
  • Subhead Medium Italic
  • Subhead Bold
  • Subhead Bold Italic
  • Subhead ExtraBold
  • Subhead ExtraBold Italic
  • Subhead Black
  • Subhead Black Italic
  • Headline Light
  • Headline Light Italic
  • Headline Regular
  • Headline Regular Italic
  • Headline Medium
  • Headline Medium Italic
  • Headline Bold
  • Headline Bold Italic
  • Headline ExtraBold
  • Headline ExtraBold Italic
  • Headline Black
  • Headline Black Italic

Sole Serif Text Regular

These are the times that try men’s souls

Sole Serif Text Regular Italic

These are the times that try men’s souls

Sole Serif Display Regular

These are the times that try men’s souls

Sole Serif Display Regular Italic

These are the times that try men’s souls

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Small Variable 440,00
Titling Variable 800,00
Complete 1.240,00
Text Complete 220,00
Caption Complete 220,00
Display Complete 264,00
BigDisplay Complete 264,00
Subhead Complete 264,00
Headline Complete 264,00
Hairline Complete 55,00
Simple styles
Text Light 30,00
Text Light Italic 25,00
Text Regular 30,00
Text Regular Italic 25,00
Text Medium 30,00
Text Medium Italic 25,00
Text Bold 30,00
Text Bold Italic 25,00
Text Black 30,00
Text Black Italic 25,00
Display Light 30,00
Display Light Italic 25,00
Display Regular 30,00
Display Regular Italic 25,00
Display Medium 30,00
Display Medium Italic 25,00
Display Bold 30,00
Display Bold Italic 25,00
Display ExtraBold 30,00
Display ExtraBold Italic 25,00
Display Black 30,00
Display Black Italic 25,00
Hairline 30,00
Hairline Italic 25,00
Caption Light 30,00
Caption Light Italic 25,00
Caption Regular 30,00
Caption Regular Italic 25,00
Caption Medium 30,00
Caption Medium Italic 25,00
Caption Bold 30,00
Caption Bold Italic 25,00
Caption Black 30,00
Caption Black Italic 25,00
BigDisplay Light 30,00
BigDisplay Light Italic 25,00
BigDisplay Regular 30,00
BigDisplay Regular Italic 25,00
BigDisplay Medium 30,00
BigDisplay Medium Italic 25,00
BigDisplay Bold 30,00
BigDisplay Bold Italic 25,00
BigDisplay ExtraBold 30,00
BigDisplay ExtraBold Italic 25,00
BigDisplay Black 30,00
BigDisplay Black Italic 25,00
Subhead Light 30,00
Subhead Light Italic 25,00
Subhead Regular 30,00
Subhead Regular Italic 25,00
Subhead Medium 30,00
Subhead Medium Italic 25,00
Subhead Bold 30,00
Subhead Bold Italic 25,00
Subhead ExtraBold 30,00
Subhead ExtraBold Italic 25,00
Subhead Black 30,00
Subhead Black Italic 25,00
Headline Light 30,00
Headline Light Italic 25,00
Headline Regular 30,00
Headline Regular Italic 25,00
Headline Medium 30,00
Headline Medium Italic 25,00
Headline Bold 30,00
Headline Bold Italic 25,00
Headline ExtraBold 30,00
Headline ExtraBold Italic 25,00
Headline Black 30,00
Headline Black Italic 25,00

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