Iki Mono

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Iki Mono is a multifaceted monospaced typeface designed for publishing and coding. Its sans serif structure displays some letterforms (as well as a degree of contrast) that are reminiscent of 19th-century grotesques, while in the non-oblique versions the letters have been very slightly slanted leftwards. Like typewriter typefaces Iki Mono has to cope with the limitations of a width system that forces shapes into a specific space. This extensive type family of forty weights and styles – from Compressed Thin to Extra Expanded Bold, including their slanted versions – takes its name ‘Iki’ from the japanese word for breath.

Designed by Beatrice D'Agostino

Production years: 2017-2020

Total Glyphs: 338

Supported Languages: Afrikaans Albanian Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Hungarian Icelandic Italian Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portugese Slovak Slovenian Spanisch Swedish Turkish Zulu


  • Compressed Thin
  • Compressed Thin Slanted
  • Compressed Light
  • Compressed Light Slanted
  • Compressed Regular
  • Compressed Regular Slanted
  • Compressed Bold
  • Compressed Bold Slanted • Condensed Thin
  • Condensed Thin Slanted
  • Condensed Light
  • Condensed Light Slanted
  • Condensed Regular
  • Condensed Regular Slanted
  • Condensed Bold
  • Condensed Bold Slanted • Thin
  • Thin Slanted
  • Light
  • Light Slanted
  • Regular
  • Regular Slanted
  • Bold
  • Bold Slanted • Expanded Thin
  • Expanded Thin Slanted
  • Expanded Light
  • Expanded Light Slanted
  • Expanded Regular
  • Expanded Regular Slanted
  • Expanded Bold
  • Expanded Bold Slanted • Extra Expanded Thin
  • Extra Expanded Thin Slanted
  • Extra Expanded Light
  • Extra Expanded Light Slanted
  • Extra Expanded Regular
  • Extra Expanded Regular Slanted
  • Extra Expanded Bold
  • Extra Expanded Bold Slanted

Iki Mono Regular

Not monotoned, but a monospaced font!

Iki Mono Bold

Not monotoned, but a monospaced font!

Iki Mono Regular Slanted

Not monotoned, but a monospaced font!

Iki Mono Bold Slanted

Not monotoned, but a monospaced font!

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Complete 860,00
Compressed Complete 285,00
Condensed Complete 285,00
Normal Complete 285,00
Expanded Complete 285,00
ExtraExpanded Complete 285,00
Simple styles
VF 500,00
Slanted VF 500,00
Thin 40,00
Thin Slanted 40,00
ExtraLight 40,00
ExtraLight Slanted 40,00
Light 40,00
Light Slanted 40,00
Regular 40,00
Regular Slanted 40,00
SemiBold 40,00
SemiBold Slanted 40,00
Bold 40,00
Bold Slanted 40,00
Compressed Thin 40,00
Compressed Thin Slanted 40,00
Compressed ExtraLight 40,00
Compressed ExtraLight Slanted 40,00
Compressed Light 40,00
Compressed Light Slanted 40,00
Compressed Regular 40,00
Compressed Regular Slanted 40,00
Compressed SemiBold 40,00
Compressed SemiBold Slanted 40,00
Compressed Bold 40,00
Compressed Bold Slanted 40,00
Condensed Thin 40,00
Condensed Thin Slanted 40,00
Condensed ExtraLight 40,00
Condensed ExtraLight Slanted 40,00
Condensed Light 40,00
Condensed Light Slanted 40,00
Condensed Regular 40,00
Condensed Regular Slanted 40,00
Condensed SemiBold 40,00
Condensed SemiBold Slanted 40,00
Condensed Bold 40,00
Condensed Bold Slanted 40,00
Expanded Thin 40,00
Expanded Thin Slanted 40,00
Expanded ExtraLight 40,00
Expanded ExtraLight Slanted 40,00
Expanded Light 40,00
Expanded Light Slanted 40,00
Expanded Regular 40,00
Expanded Regular Slanted 40,00
Expanded SemiBold 40,00
Expanded SemiBold Slanted 40,00
Expanded Bold 40,00
Expanded Bold Slanted 40,00
ExtraExpanded Thin 40,00
ExtraExpanded Thin Slanted 40,00
ExtraExpanded ExtraLight 40,00
ExtraExpanded ExtraLight Slanted 40,00
ExtraExpanded Light 40,00
ExtraExpanded Light Slanted 40,00
ExtraExpanded Regular 40,00
ExtraExpanded Regular Slanted 40,00
ExtraExpanded SemiBold 40,00
ExtraExpanded SemiBold Slanted 40,00
ExtraExpanded Bold 40,00
ExtraExpanded Bold Slanted 40,00

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