Swiss graphic design — A communication tool

By Sascha Lötscher ·

This is the story of how Swiss graphic design, throughout the 20th century, branched out into the world, became a recognised standard and then found its way back to its homeland

Tupigrafia: the Brazilian type catalyst

By C-A-S-T ·

Since 2000 this somewhat irregular publication based in São Paulo has been hitting its readers with a storm of letterforms. Here’s an interview with Claudio Rocha, one of its masterminds

The Venetian origins of roman type

By Riccardo Olocco ·

Why Jenson’s and Spira’s model has to be found in the ‘Paduan style’ rather than in the script of Poggio or other Florentine humanists

Behind Simoncini’s Glasses

By Antonio Cavedoni ·

Francesco Simoncini was a type designer and an innovator. An exhibition and a catalogue mark his re-discovery

Shavian (1/3): origin

By Leo Philp ·

The background of the alphabetic utopia theorised by G.B. Shaw, between spelling and phonetic reform of the English language

Punctuation (1): the linguistic side

By Lisa Fischbach ·

The role punctuation marks play within the discussion of writing and speech according to Bredel’s approach. Clarifying their functions puts them into a fresh light

Veltro, the greyhound’s chase

By Riccardo De Franceschi ·

In this article, adapted from «TipoItalia» 3, De Franceschi deals with the popular Italian script face and shows more samples of its use

What if type were a car

By Luciano Perondi ·

Luciano Perondi, who knows about type and about cars too, kicks off with an intriguing discussion on the similarities between the world of typefaces and the world of cars