CAST Studies is a creative lab and a growing collection of display typefaces. Each typeface has a single instance, a more or less basic character set, a fair price and focuses on a concept, a thought, a viewpoint. Studies typefaces are about revealing personality and expressive potential. They can be bizarre or experimental, brand new with a touch of innovation, or revivals of historic type. Whatever they are, they are here to bring users suggestions and inspiration and to feed debate in the design community

Studies is an extra library of typefaces released by CAST. 

Studies typefaces stand out for at least three features:

1. They’re focused. Font families, like some musician’s albums, are collections of several pieces. But each Studies typeface is like a single hit, with just one weight, a small glyph list and a reasonable price tag. Essence and simplicity are their watchwords. They focus on the essential creativity of typeface design — the designing of letters. They are not large, or distracted by comprehensive master systems, they’re intent.

2. They’ve got ideas. Each face we select for release is like the ideal blog post: a provocative idea that could either be left or explored further. Every design in the Studies Library is introduced by a story about its inspiration, invention, intention. Sometimes they’re critical, historical, methodological, formal, experimental, sometimes they’re pure fiction.

3. They’re part of a conversation. Studies express ideas, audacious concepts, valuable research, outlandish theories. They are called to grasp and interpret the zeitgeist, feeding into the debate about digital type. ‘Light’ and ‘easy’ as they are Studies faces respond both to what is happening now and to what has gone before them. They are trailblazers, they’re an invitation to be experienced. 

Studies are here to bring users suggestions and inspiration while delivering the fundamental satisfaction of typeface design — the love for the shape of letters.